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Halong Bay overnight cruise on Bai Tu Long Bay

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Bai Tu Long bay – the new travel route in Halong Bay with less touristic area and beautiful seascapes of limestone pillars for your lifetime holiday.

Bai Tu Long bay’s geography

Bai Tu Long Bay (translated as the area where children dragons descended) is located on the eatern site of Halong Bay and closer to Chinese border. Bai Tu Long Bay is an off – beaten- track destination that has recently attracted numbers of international tourists for its pristine natural landscapes.Your trip to this Bai Tu Long beautiful bay surely promises many unique experiences, far from the heavily touristic sites.

Bai Tu Long Bay’s legend & its attrations

According to legend, millions of years ago when Vietnam was conquered by invaders, the Jade Emperor sent the Mother Dragon and her children to help the people. After winning, the dragons did not return to fairyland but decided to stay on earth. The place where the Mother Dragon descended is now called Halong Bay, whileBai Tu Long Bay is where the Young Dragon descended. These names are in Chinese and convey exactly the meanings mentioned above.

Bai Tu Long remains an extensively unexplored area. In some ways it is actually more stunning than Halong Bay, since it is only in its initial stages as a destination for travelers.On your trip to Bai Tu Long Bay, such popular attractions you can visit as Cong Do area, Vung Vieng fishing village, Da Xep Park, Cong Dam area, Thien Canh Son cave and Tra Gioi beach. There are also some populated islands; Quan Lan, Ngoc Vung, Cong Dong, and Cong Tay with many beautiful beaches but you need travel there by roads then taking speed boat. In addition, Bai Tu Long Bay National Park is rich in biological diversity, home to many different flora and fauna.

You can do your trip to visit Bai Tu Long Bay on Halong bay overnight cruise , floating on the calm water. Certain cruises with 2 day 1 night tour, you can reach this bay but popularly in 3 day 2 night cruises, you can connect your exploration of Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long,Lan Ha Bay & Cat Ba Island

Halong Bay cruises & tours

If you are interested in traveling to Bai Tu Long Bay and discover its wonderful beauty or any other Vietnam tourist attractions 

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