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Migrating to Office 365 from Lotus Notes Now Made Easier

Posted By: Lindsey Smith

Migrating to Office 365 from Lotus Notes By Using the Perfect Solution

I am using Lotus Notes application for mailing purpose. But, now I want to migrate all my emails to any cloud service. Preferably, I would like to save my mailboxes to O365 account. So, I want to know does IBM provide any utility to transfer Lotus Notes mailboxes to O365? If anyone knows then please help me in migrating to Office 365 from Lotus Notes!!

In the current era, Office 365 is getting popular day by day. Most of the organizations are switching over to O365 from their email client to avail its benefits like cost efficiency, zero-maintenance, and universal accessibility. IBM Lotus Notes users are not an exception. However, it is quite difficult to use and manage Lotus Notes application. So, it is not appropriate for the novice users or non-technical persons. Therefore, it is natural that many Lotus Notes users are anxious to move their data to the Office 365. Therefore, in this Blog, we will describe how to transfer Lotus Notes mailboxes to Office 365.

Reasons Behind Migrating to Office 365 from Lotus Notes

There are many reasons, which force a Lotus Notes users to migrate their data to the Office 365:

  • IBM Lotus Notes is very expensive and complex.
  • Technical expertise required to use Lotus Notes.
  • IBM Lotus Notes has a steep learning curve.
  • Office 365 offers a host of productivity features for business.

How to Transfer Lotus Notes Mailboxes to 365?

Users can take help of the IMAP Connector in Lotus Notes in the way to export their data. The entire procedure can be shared into four different steps:

Step 1 – Create Backup File of Lotus Notes

First of all, you should create a backup of NSF files while moving NSF to Office 365. It should be successfully achieved before starting the conversion of Domino to O365 as it will be useful in scenarios if any data loss occurs. It is important because none of the manual approaches is completely reliable and secure.

Step 2 – Create New Mailboxes

Once you have created a backup of NSF file, then the next step is to create a new mailbox for every user that has the existing account in IBM Notes client.

Step 3 – Enable IMAP Port for All Users

In this step, you have to enable the IMAP configuration for all the users. Execute the following steps to do the same:

1. First of all, run the Domino Administrator in Lotus Notes.
2. Here, click on the Configuration tab.
3. Now, open the Server document for the server which runs on the IMAP service.
4. Then, go to the Ports >> Internet Ports >> Mail tab.
5. After that, enable the default IMAP TCP/IP Port.
6. For this, change the “TCP/IP port value status” to “Enabled” in the IMAP column.
7. Finally, click on Save button and then Exit.

Step 4 – Connect to IMAP Connector & Synchronize Mails

Now, in the last step, use IMAP Connector to synchronize the email messages to the O365 account from IBM Notes.

After performing all these four steps, conversion of Domino to O365 is successfully completed. However, there is some limitations associated with it like it is very lengthy, complex and costly process. It also requires applying various filters option and not able to move mailboxes which are greater than 1 GB. Therefore, users are looking for an automatic solution which can easily migrate NSF to Office 365.

An Efficient Solution For Migrating to Office 365 from Lotus Notes

On doing research for a perfect solution to transfer Lotus Notes mailboxes to O365. We came across a tool which named as Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migrator. It can easily migrate mailbox items like contacts, emails, calendars, and tasks from the NSF file to O365 in just a few clicks. It also eliminates the limitations associated with the manual procedure and ensures smooth migration without any data loss.

Final Thought

The method for migrating to Office 365 from Lotus Notes using IMAP Connector can cause a lot of difficulties. But, this task can be executed easily if a user has a third-party tool. If a user is having a large amount of IBM Notes mailbox and he or she wants to perform conversion quickly, then he/she can try the Mail Migration Office 365 software. In this article, we have also covered the reasons why users want to export Domino to O365 and along with it, a professional solution is also mentioned to carry out the task in an efficient way.


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