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A Brief Summary About Drive Testing Training

Posted By: VT Technology

In the field of telecom networking, drive testing is one of the most important things. It is the process by which one can measure and access capacity, coverage, and quality of service of a mobile network. For drive testing, a motor vehicle containing mobile network interface equipment is needed. This vehicle is used to detect and record all the virtual and physical parameters of mobile services in a certain area.

Objective Of Best Testing Services

For doing drive testing, one should at first, undergo its training. This training is provided by various reputed institutions. The main objective of best drive testing services in India is to design and install equipment in a certain area. This, in turn, allows the operators to provide good wireless coverage in remote places, where network connectivity is not much.

These training centers have strong technical staffs, who have worked in this field for many years. Also, they have dedicated backend team, who help and support the staffs always. This helps the team to solve the problem as soon as possible; thus, causing less damage to the network. The team generally comprises of people under 28; hence, they are full of enthusiasm.

Processes Of Drive Testing Training

They take any problem as a challenge and give cost-effective solutions. Drive testing solutions Chandigarh by VT Technologies have several processes of training- instructor lead online, corporate on-site and classroom training. Among this, classroom training is the most opted one. Demonstration and lectures are provided by professionals to the students.

The teachers are always eager to solve doubts and queries of the students so that the latter knows about drive testing very properly. In case of instructor lead online, one has to stay live to understand the topics. The student can ask live questions via instant or voice messages. So, students and the instructor can easily interact.

On-site training is one of the most cost-effective and flexible waysof doing a training. This is because there are no travel expenses. The program is delivered at the place where the student wants. Also, one can increase his/her productivity upto great extent. The students get a stable learning experience.

Any graduate of telecommunication engineering can pursue this training. The duration of benchmark drive testing training in telecom is 2 months. This training mainly comprises ofplanning and implementation of fixed and mobile telecom networks. Some of the 23 modules covered under this training are CDMA, GSM, WCDMA, UMTS, transmission technology, LTE and advanced LTE.

Apart from students, they also provide training to corporate professionals.They help in developing the talents of the professionals. For doing this training, one needs to enroll himself/herself in an institution providing drive testing training. Then, one can pay fees via cheques, cash or net banking. The companies provide such trainings at an affordable rate.

However, for extraordinary students, they offer discount on their fees. After the training is completed, one has to give an examination. The certificate will be given to those students who pass the examination. At last, the students should provide feedback to the institution.

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