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The Bachelor of Business Administration

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The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) affords students the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of administration and professional training, and the opportunity to specialize in a range of industry-specific disciplines. Students have adaptability in planning the structure of their study. They can gain practical experience via an internship which includes as two units towards their degree or research elective units from across the University’s undergraduate presents to extend their knowledge of other systems. The bachelor of business administration (BBA) degree is a 120-credit hour (40 courses) plan with a manageable course structure. There is no work term component or work experience demand and no time limit in which students must achieve their degree. The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA or B.B.A.) is a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing administration. The degree is conferred after four years of full-time study in one or more fields of business applications. The BBA program usually includes general business courses and advanced seminars for particular audiences.

Program Structure

Memorial’s bachelor of business administration is a manageable program with no time limitations. If a student were to take 30 assets hours (10 courses) a year, the program can be completed in four years.

Honors Regulations

An honors bachelor of business administration degree signifies superior academic performance. Applicants must show that they want to be considered for this degree on the prescribed Application for Graduation.

Career Opportunity

A Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree is a typical four-year program that will qualify bachelors for entry-level managerial roles in various business fields depending on their interest and field of specialization. Here’s a summary of some of the possible careers with a Business Administration degree:

•    Accounting

•    Management

•    Banking

•    Business review / development

•    Business management

•    Communications

•    Computing

•    Financial administration

•    International business

•    International retailing

•    Superintendence consultancy

•    Marketing

•    Recruitment and faculty development

•    Economics

Furthering Your Education

After completing a BBA you should extremely consider promoting your training in order to qualify for a top official post. You also stand a better chance of getting developed after advancing your knowledge. If you desire to be a chief executive officer (CEO) or chief operations officer (COO) you should attempt a scholar of business administration. If you want to work as a consultant, executive or college professor, you should proceed a doctoral program.

How Can A Degree Help?

It is possible to get a job quickly after passing out of school, but they would most reasonably be low paid jobs with not much of a future. But if you are determined and would like to climb the career stairs then you should arm yourself with some good degrees. It would also suggest more deeply paid jobs. It also supports you when you have a family. Parents with a degree will be able to be more connected with the education of their kids. They would be able to help them with their school work or projects. Children are thus excited. Certainly, it is simpler to get a job if you have a Business Administration Bachelor’s Degree in your list of qualifications on your resume.


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