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Buying Diesel Truck Products Gets Easier

Posted By: TamerX Diesel Parts

Machines are like humans , they need proper maintenance to function smoothly ; Driving Ford power stroke diesel engine at appropriate pressure level will ensure the safety of high pressure oil pump and diesel fuel injectors, with the time lube pop, rotor pump gets damaged due to various reasons which results in less oil pressure than the threshold level. This dysfunctional pressure level can cause various damages to other components and sometime ends up in breakdown of components.

Keeping these factors in mind, TamerX Diesel produces Engine Oil Pump Repair Kit for Ford Powerstroke to maintain your truck for efficient performance. Our oil pump repair kit restores oil pump pressure, eventually saving hours of your time which you might have spent in repair work, this kit is designed to be durable and powerful and best part is; this is a do it yourself kit

TamerX Diesel’s High Pressure Oil Pump Master Service Kit for 1994-2003 Ford Powerstroke contains all the required parts to replace seal and O-rings of high pressure oil pump, evidently, this kit contains lots of parts which are generally not provided by other suppliers, it is sold with a 2 years warranty and shipping is absolutely free.

All the parts of this High Pressure Oil Pump Master Service Kit are also sold separately, you can order according to your requirement.

Diesel High Pressure Oil Pump with IPR Valve and STC Disconnect Tool Package is applicable for International/Navistar T444E 1999-2004 and Ford Powerstroke 7.3L 1999-2003

Kit contains following parts:

One High Pressure Oil Pump

One Mounting Gasket

One IPR Valve

PR Valve Seal Kit

One Oil Line STC Disconnect Tool

This kit contains required seals and gaskets for installation, these remanufactured high pressure oil pump’s all the components are properly cleaned, closely inspected and replaced, furthermore finest quality Vitrons O- rings are used in it usage. In addition, this kit also contains complete diagnostic assistance and mounting gas kit along with 2 years Warranty.

TamerX is the preferred option for diesel truck riders from customer service to product management to marketing to product dispatching and maintenance it leaves no stones unturned, TamerX is poised to provide high quality product through web, with a secure encrypted website, customers are safe hands to purchase, TamerX’s security complies with all the browsers such as Mozilla, chrome, internet explorer, Safari etc,

Its website contains comprehensive buying solution, with tracking order facility you can view the proceedings of your placed orders. TamerX also includes return policy for consumers so that any mismatch products can be redelivered to the customers. Products are eligible to be returned in 30 days.

All the major credit cards are accepted such as visa Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover; we thrive to create long term business relationship with consumers for mutual benefit.

TamerX’s is constantly evolving in it product offering, services and newer ways of doing business on line ultimately results in a time saving and pleasant experience.

If you own a diesel truck, it is time to try our products and we ensure you to provide finest products and amazing service through our humane customer service dept.

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