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A Brief Summary About EGR Cooler And Its Benefits

Posted By: TamerX Diesel Parts

Nowadays, air pollution has increased up to great extent because of vehicular and industrial extensions. Some of the major gases contributing to air pollution are carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides. To reduce the amount of nitrogen oxides in the atmosphere, coolers are used.

There are many coolers which use exhaust gas recirculation as a technical solution to reduce nitrogen oxide values in the atmosphere. These coolers are called EGR coolers. These coolers generally follow new EURO 6 standards. They operate by taking out exhaust gas from the engine. Then, the exhaust gas is passed through filters for removing particles or soot. The filtered gas is then passed into combustion cycle.

Types Of EGR Coolers

Nowadays, there are many EGR coolers available in the market. One should always buy the best cooler to get the best services. Bad EGR coolers not only wear down over a less time but also suffer from various problems mainly due to leaking coolants. They also cause sputtering of gases in different directions. Thus, it is advised to buy Navistar International EGR Coolers. These coolers come in various models like 4300LP, 4400LP, 5600I, 5900I, 7500, FE, RE, etc. All these motors are available in affordable rate.

Navistar maxxforce 9 egr cooler is used to make quick replacements and repairs of a system. Thus, it helps in getting back the vehicle with more efficiency and power. All the parts of the coolers are designed and remanufactured for great level of performance and reliability. Most of the parts of the cooler like gaskets, bolts, and washers are made of stainless steel to avoid rusting.

Features Of EGR Coolers

EGR coolers are designed such that maximum exhaust particulates are trapped and clean air is released into atmosphere. These coolers are very easy to install. But in case of any installation problem, staffs are ready to help. Most of the EGR coolers have 60 series (14L to 15L) engines.

Navistar maxxforce DT egr cooler have a guarantee of 2 years. So in that period, if the cooler has some problem, one can contact any Navistar staff and discuss the problem. During this period, they provide free technical services. Apart from coolers, Navistar provides its cooler kit which also has a guarantee of 2 years. However, the cooler kit is different for different models. In case, the cooler turns out to be faulty, then, it is replaced as soon as possible. In case, one cannot afford the coolers at that time, then, they can save their choices in wish list so that at the right time, they can get it easily.

To buy EGR cooler, one should visit the company website and then, go through its catalogs. Then, one should order the cooler which satisfies his/her needs. The money should be paid within 30 days of placing the order. Then, cooler is delivered within 2-3 weeks. Apart from Navistar EGR coolers, there are Cummins EGR coolers, GM Duramax EGR coolers, Ford Power stroke coolers and Mercedes EGR coolers which one can choose. All these coolers have different valves and hence, it differs their functions.

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