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Using an LMS to Integrate New Hires into Your Company

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The world we live in today is a competitive jungle where advancements in technology have led to changes in every aspect of our lives ranging from our source of entertainment to our professional lives. Due to these changes, an employee can’t expect to be employed at a certain company for years nor can a company expect their employees to never consider a career move. However, companies can ensure a certain degree of loyalty using a process termed as onboarding.

The onboarding definition is very broad and different companies might have different explanations for this term. In simple words, onboarding is a procedure which most successful companies employ to help their new hires integrate well into their company. The importance of having this procedure in place is stressed on by many researchers who find that most employees change their jobs within the first year of being employed at a company, simply due to the first impression your workplace makes on your new hires. A bad first day can set the trend for someone starting off at a new place and with the need to employ qualified and competent individuals becoming essential for the success of a company, having a strong onboarding process in place is vital.

The fact that nearly everyone is pressed for time these days can hardly be disputed. Because of this, many individuals have now taken to eLearning. The benefits of doing so are multifold. The study material being offered can be accessed readily at all times and almost anywhere, especially when there are LMS which allow for offline learning. Students no longer have to sit through classes where their concentration isn’t always guaranteed. The company also saves time by having an LMS in place which runs all the training smoothly including the courses, students, instructors, and logistics. Using an LMS to provide onboarding to the new employees in a company is just another form of providing training.

As stated earlier, the onboarding definition is quite broad but there are certain things that all companies will consider addressing when helping their new hires find their way right after they join. To start off, the onboarding course should introduce the employees to the company. Telling them what the goals and aspirations of the company are is important. The course also needs to tell them who they are working with and who they’re working for. A message from the CEO of the company can be included to motivate the employees. Small videos consisting of testimonials from employees who have worked at the company for several years can also be added to give an idea of what the workplace is like.

Next come the rules and regulations of the company. Company policies in different businesses vary and letting a new employee begin their job without knowing what is permitted and what isn’t can lead to many problems in the future. To avoid this, the onboarding course can be tailored to clear up any misconceptions immediately.

After that, onboarding can be used to tell the new employee what the company expects from them. They can be encouraged to do well by mentioning how they can grow with the company and what opportunities they will have to move forward within the company.

After understanding the onboarding definition, employers also need to realize why using an LMS to welcome the new employees and help them settle in has become so crucial for good retention and higher productivity.

Providing the Right Content

When using an LMS, a company can create course material or upload already created courses for the learners allowing them to give the employees the information which pertains most strongly to their responsibilities. If the new employees are just being given an orientation, many things may be left out resulting in lower productivity and higher turnover rates.

Evaluating the New Hires

All learning management systems provide the ability to assess progress based on the results from quizzes and assignments which every individual must take to ensure course completion. Not only does this tell the company where their courses might be lacking in material, but also tells them which of their employees are most suited to working in a certain capacity. Through this, the employers can then outline tasks for the new hires accordingly.


Welcoming new hires is tricky but what’s trickier is making them stay. When a new employee joins, simply walking them around the office might not garner interest or motivation and the new addition to the company might think of leaving sooner rather than later. Once an onboarding process is present, the employee is shown how well-organized and focused the company is.

Saves Time

Of course, having the onboarding course on an LMS lets the employee learn in their own time and at the pace which suits them best. Other than that, it also paves the way for when the employee will start the new hire training as they are already accustomed to the method of learning. Also, new hires previously had to train by senior members of the company. If an LMS is in place, senior members must no longer spend time doing that and can instead focus on the company’s betterment.


With a simple orientation no longer being sufficient for the integration of new employees, learning management systems provided by companies such as eLeaP have ended the tedium of carrying out the process of onboarding.

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