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ZV210 – Programmable Security Light Switch – Single Gang

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Black 1 Gang 1 Way Wireless Touch Screen Light Switch 86The iPod touch is a fun, easy-to-use device that lets you take cool photos and stay in touch with friends. Get essentially the most from the iPod touch by knowing some basic user techniques, downloading some fun apps to amuse yourself, and discovering some handy apps if you’re an intrepid traveler.

Five Basic Techniques for Using the iPod touch

Get the most from your Apple iPod touch by knowing some basic user techniques. From zooming and scrolling to e-mailing photos, using your iPod touch is a tad easier with these helpful tips.

– Zooming (web page, photo, map): To zoom in, spread two fingers apart on the screen (unpinch). To zoom in to a column of text, double-tap. To zoom out, bring your fingers together on the screen (pinch), or double-tap.

– Scrolling and switching screens: To scroll an inventory or screen, drag the screen with your finger or, for faster scrolling, flick the screen up or down. To change from one screen to another, swipe the screen together with your finger from left or right.

– Editing text as you enter it: Touch and hold on the insertion or removal point within the text to see the magnifier, which magnifies portions of the text view. Before lifting your finger, slide the magnifier to the exact position for inserting new characters. You can then tap keys to insert text or use the backspace key to remove text.

– Quickly typing a number and returning to letters: Touch and hold the .?123 key until the numeric keys appear, after which slide your finger across them to the number you want; release your finger to select the number. The keyboard reverts back to alphabetic keys in an effort to continue typing letters.

– E-mailing photos: To send a photograph in an e-mail, tap the Photos icon on the home Screen Light Switch and choose a photograph; then tap the options button in the lower-left corner of the photo. (Tap the photo if the controls disappear.) Tap the e-mail Photo button to e-mail the photo. The brand new Message screen appears with the photo embedded within the message. You’ll be able to then tap the message field to enter text and fill in the To and Subject fields.

Five Fun Apps to your iPod touch

If you’re on the lookout for some fun in your iPod touch, head to the Apple Store. You’ll find tons of downloadable apps to your iPod touch. Whether you’re looking without spending a dime apps or are willing to pay for your fun, here’s a listing to get you going:

– Labyrinth LE: (Free) In Labyrinth, you tilt your iPod touch to roll a ball through a wooden maze to reach the goal without falling through the wrong holes. It’s addictive!

– SlotZ Racer: (Not free) If speed is the problem, try SlotZ Racer, which lets as much as four people race slot cars on a single iPod touch.

– Virtual Zippo Lighter: (Free) It opens with a flick of your wrist or a swipe, and lights with a swipe of your finger or thumb — it’s the free Virtual Zippo Lighter app! The flame even sways as you move your iPod touch. It’s perfect for requesting an encore at concerts. You can pick several lighter designs and even customize a design with text.

– ShoZu: (Free) ShoZu keeps you connected to more than 50 of your favorite sites, including Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter. You’ll be able to upload images out of your iPod touch to many of these sites and in addition send them to any e-mail address.

– Pocket God: (Not free) You play god on a remote island, ruling over primitive islanders, striking them with lightning or feeding them coconuts as you prefer. Hey, it could happen, so be prepared.

Five Nifty Travel Apps for the iPod touch

Are you ready on your next trip? In that case, travel apps for the iPod touch can assist you discover your way around in the event you get lost, clue you in on the weather, and tell your mates where you’re at any given moment. Consider your iPod touch your handy little tour guide and travel buddy.

– Flashlight: (Free) Flashlight fills your screen with a bright white light, which is ideal for dark places, reminiscent of concerts. You should utilize your iPod touch as a flashlight to find a seat.

– FlightTrack: (Not free) FlightTrack offers real-time status info for flights from around the globe, with live weather updates, route maps, gate numbers, and details about delays and cancellations.

– HearPlanet: (Free) Turn your iPod touch into an audio tour guide. HearPlanet plays audio tracks of Wikipedia articles based on points of interest surrounding your current location. It offers both the text and audio of the Wikipedia article.


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