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Holidays to Vietnam – Best 3 Luxury Resorts to Choose From

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Why not a holiday to Vietnam, that being surrounded by all the fascinating Indochina countries such as Laos, cambodia vietnam and laos tour and easily accessible to Thailand, the giant of tourism in Asia, Vietnam’s unique and natural beauty with the long coastal beaches and the year round bright sun, the high and lush greenery mountains in sapa and the imperial citadels and the long history as well as the tourism infrastructure makes this charming tropical country a perfect destination to spend a memorable vietnam vacation packages . Tourists travel to Vietnam to experience an immense pleasure while visiting the different holiday spot. Vietnam has something for anyone, from the trekking and the mountain climbing in the northern regions to the sun-bathing and relaxing at the pristine and idyllic beaches all with world-class luxury facilities to the south of the country. Also, no matter what is the style that you follow when traveling, whether you are a back-packer and travel on a shoestring, or perhaps you are a luxury holiday maker and want to discover the country’s through an ultimate facilities that many resorts and or cruises are offering now.

In addition to all above Vietnam is a cultural oriented country with different festivals all year round, traveling through the country gives you an opportunity to get familiar with what real Vietnam has to offer. The simplicity of the Vietnamese life-style attracts many new comers eyes from the street-foodies to the Ao dai wearing girls that wondering around the Hanoi’s old quarter as well as the renowned Hoan kiem lake to spend some time for the photography. If you haven’t been to Vietnam, then, I strongly advise you to come find it out this magical country by yourself and if you don’t know the planning scale, then the following are an article that introduce you the 3 most renowned and resorts to spend a luxury holiday to Vietnam.

Best luxury resorts to choose for your next holiday to Vietnam?

For the purpose of Vacation, it doesn’t matter whether you are looking to spend a holiday with your family members or with group of friends or even if you are traveling alone, holidays in Vietnam could be done in through any phases all you need to know would be to choose the best and suitable package that supports your expectations. If you are on vacation to Vietnam with your family then this country is one of the few countries in the world that has child-friendly, eco-tourism opportunity or honeymoon offers for the couples or wanting to experience an all different ideal holiday on a sun-and-sea based south-east Asian destination like Vietnam. To choose from the hundreds of resorts in different islands around Vietnam each with different value for money that can ultimately provide you the holiday with several options to choose from. Besides this, the Vietnam’s many tourist attractions in different cities from the northern peak of the country to the southern most are other key features that put the name of Vietnam as an ideal destination among the other Asian, or South-east Asian countries and if you are looking to combine your journey for more than just sea, sand and sun, then Vietnam have got all of them and if you are planning to take a Vietnam packages tours and looking to include the luxury resorts to your itinerary then there are few resorts like Vinpearl resort in Nha Trang, six senses ninh van bay resorts and spa and many more.

The best resorts and spas are in Nha Trang and or in the Phu Quoc Island in the southern part of the country, also, there are few luxury resorts in Danang and in other central destinations of Vietnam such as Hue and Hoi An. The following are only some of the few samples of the finest and the luxurious resorts and spas that you can book for your next holiday to Vietnam with note that the best possible rate for booking is applicable through Luxury Travel Vietnam.

Vinpearl Luxury Resort Danang

Vinpearl Luxury Resort and the Residences is an exclusive beach-front development that comprising 39 luxury residences and a high end luxury resort that will transform Vietnam’s Central Coast into Asia’s next great resort destination.
The Luxury Resort in Danang is situated on an unspoiled stretch of pristine beaches of Danang city, the luxury resort offers an exceptional opportunity to live your own holiday at the beach front luxury resort.

Vinpearl Luxury Danang is an extravagant and well-situated Resort and Residence complex with 200 luxury rooms and 39 villas. The resort meets 5 star plus international standards and is crafted with an eclectic mix of modern design and old-world charm of 20th century Indochinese classical hotel architecture. Furthermore, virtually all the rooms at Vinpearl Luxury Danang are designed to create a romantic and serene setting through the panoramic views of the stunning sea and the main swimming pool.

Six Senses Luxury resorts in Ninh Van Bay – An Ana Mandara Property

Another luxury resort in the Ninh Vanh Bay, in Nha Trang. The Six Senses Hideaway identifies the Private pool category of the Six Senses brand. Attention to detail and focus on the reality of the destination is the driving force, together with a focused commitment to the environment. Accommodations provide generous personal space and present an uncompromised standard of luxury. Six Senses Hideaways offer elegantly designed modern architecture positioned with an image supporting the Six Senses Hideaway theme – Redefining Experiences.

Accessible only by boat the emperor luxury cruise, the site of the Six Senses Hideaway on dramatic Ninh Van Bay is quite unique, taking full advantage of the setting. Impressive rock formations, the coral reef, white sand beach, a playful stream and the towering mountains behind, all add to the sense of being luxuriously at one with nature.

Six Senses Hideaway Ninh Van Bay also presents the reality of the destination, with an architectural style reflecting the traditions of Vietnam. This is very evident in the reception champa and dining pavilion, which are classic Vietnam structures transported across the water and assembled at the site.
Tropicana resort in Phu Quoc Island

This is a family running luxury resort on the Phu Quoc Island, set in a coconut palm garden, includes six fan rooms, six bungalow garden views, seven bungalow sea view and nine beach front sea view and two family rooms.

The two hectare of lush gardens are meticulously maintained. All bungalows are comfortable; staffs are friendly, fun bar and good restaurant. We have much good feedback from our clients who have stayed here. Personally I have been there last year and like very much this property, its cozy and relaxing ambiance.

With such a facilities that has been arranged through the above resorts we ensure that all the activities and enormous things to enjoy your Vietnam Vacation at these resorts in Vietnam. But each of them has something to make your holiday a wonderful experience.


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