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Great Tips for Using Live Trout Bait

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There is no doubt that in the winter ice fishing becomes many anglers only outlet in terms of “fishing” is concerned, because in several areas frigid temperatures make other styles of fishing hard to impossible. Although nearly every type of fish could be fished for and caught with the ice probably the most popular species of fish to when ice fishing are trout, specifically rainbow trout.

Most of these bait fishing tips were taught in my opinion by my fishing mentor, a male I have always seen as an “trout fishing master”. He left the world many years back, but luckily not before teaching me the following tips, and now I’m passing them along for you. As you will see, these guidelines are really quite simple, which in my opinion is the reason why them so effective. In my 25 plus numerous years of fishing experience I’ve found that the simplest the situation is often the most beneficial. Fishing for trout isn’t complicated if you master the fundamentals and spend a lot of time about the water, you’re going to be in great shape.

Another thing to consider about it rig is the thing that kind of trout bait needs to be rigged about it. In my opinion, live worms are the trout bait that needs to be rigged for this particular rig. A live worm (or half of a live worm if your worm is actually big) rigged on this rig and able to flow naturally with all the current of your small river or stream is often a deadly trout fishing tactic.

Use A Dough Bait Press – What is often a dough bait press, you may ask? A dough bait press is really a device that molds your Powerbait in to the perfect sized ball for fishing and never have to touch the bait itself. This helps to make more area for maximum trout bait scent dispersion when utilizing Powerbait and keeps any human scents of off your bait. A dough bait press is really a great tool to implement when fishing this type of trout bait

Live Baits – Live baits also constitute a large proportion of the baits which are employed to catch these beautiful fish. The most popular are live worms (either red worms or night crawlers), minnows, crickets & grasshoppers, and grubs & meal worms. Some less popular, but in addition very effective live baits could be cray fish and small frogs. There is no doubt a large number of people consider live baits to be the very best bait that can be utilized to catch “rainbows”.


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