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Aussois France

Posted By: Harricks

Aussois is settled in the Maurienne Valley found in the Savoie department of the Rhone-Alpes region in south-eastern France. The resort is 7 kilometres from Modane and is considered as the gateway to the Vanoise National Park. With 2 black graded runs, 8 red runs, 5 blue runs, and 6 green runs, it caters mainly for the intermediate and beginner skiers although there are also sections for expert skie-rs. It also has straight access to about 50 kilometre downhill run, consisting of 21 individual pistes, and 11 ski lifts. The lifts can accommodate 9,160 skiers and snow boarders every hour.

Aussois is located in France and is enclosed by a number of airports, including a few major ones. You can book flights choosing from any of these to begin your ski trip:

from Chambery to Aussois
from Greboble to Aussois
from Geneva to Aussois
from Lyon Bron to Aussois
from Lyon Saint-Exupery to Aussois
from Torino to Aussois

Basic transportation modes from any airport include buses, trains, taxis or car rentals.

Aussois is at least a couple of hours away from any of the airports. The nearest is when you start your trip from Chambery, which is only about an hour’s drive going to the French resort. If you plan to travel by road, the nearest city from Aussois is Modane. Take the A43 or A41 motorways and exit at Modane Haute Maurienne Vanoise, and go along D 1006 until you reach the city. If you are in Modane, turn on the left side of the city using the D215. Aussois is just 7 kilometres away from there. The nearest train station stop over is also at Modane. Direct access is available to the city if you use TVG Paris Modane railway. The trip would last for about 4 hours by train. After arriving in the city, you can ride a post bus, a taxi, or the resort shuttle bus going to Aussois .

Other activities that you might enjoy doing while in Aussois are paragliding tours, snowshoe wildlife safaris, and ice climbing. You can also try exploration of the surrounding areas via dog sled or tobogganing using mini inflatable rafts. For apres ski amenities, there are bars, restaurants, disco places, and shops. The Telegraph hailed Aussois as one of the top 100 best ski holiday destination last year, so going to this resort is indeed worth the try.

Because of its immensely family friendly surroundings, this French ski resort has also earned the “Famille Plus” title given by the government of France. There are various amenities especially catered for children, and additionally, there is also an infant care house for those who tagged along their babies from six months to ten years of age. Ski areas in Aussois are not really conveniently connected, but the mountain trails that are waiting for you is surely a challenge. The food market paragliding tours vietnam paragliding tours in the village is a must-go. They offer cheap finger food, bread, pastries, and other gastronomical delights there. So if you are looking for a ski destination this winter, try going to Aussois for a change.


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